Brandon Jennings' All-Star weekend goal

Those players lucky enough to be invited to All-Star weekend probably have an assortment of goals: To get some rest. To attend this or that party. To rub elbows with corporate sponsors. To see friends and family.

In other words, for people who obsess night in and night out with winning basketball games, this weekend is typically a break from that -- which is reflected, for instance, in the main game's performance, which is often somewhere between showy and lackadaisical.

Brandon Jennings, though, he's an intense dude, and he tells Howard Beck of The New York Times that he has a real goal: "to break the assists record at the rookie-sophomore game."

He'll be on a roster loaded down with guards used to handling the ball, including Tyreke Evans, Jonny Flynn, Stephen Curry and James Harden. It'll be a miracle if any point guard gets long minutes. Lots of his teammates will be looking to set up teammates, too. (It might be easier, this year, to try to set the scoring record.) And they'll be playing a bigger, stronger sophomore team that may be able to make it hard for Jennings' teammates to score as easily as they might in other years.

The cards are stacked against him.

But there's a certain professionalism in boarding the plane for Dallas with that goal. And there's a certain moxie in announcing that goal more than a week out. Suddenly, this is the thing I'm most excited to see in Dallas next weekend. A good basketball player, working hard against long odds. Good stuff.