Baron Davis has a clutch secret

From Ian Thomsen's SI.com story on buzzer-beaters:

"Coach Keith Smart taught me to go through a little routine anytime I'm getting ready to take a big shot or coming out of a timeout and it's a last-second shot," said Clippers guard Baron Davis, who famously led the No. 8 Warriors to their first-round upset of the top-seeded Mavericks three years ago. "And so I use it and it works."

Smart, of course, made the 16-foot jumper with five seconds remaining to win the 1986-87 NCAA championship for Bob Knight at Indiana. He would meet Davis as his assistant coach at Golden State, but Davis is too cutthroat to share the wisdom.

"I can't tell you, man," he said. "It just helps me relax. It's just a little mental thing that I do as I'm coming out onto the floor. I do it especially if I know I'm about to get the last shot. It totally relaxes me and puts me in the mode."