The Timberwolves are going crazy!

Minnesota is doing something out of control during this Sunday's broadcast of the Thunder game.

It's like an internet-savvy fans' dream. First, the broadcast is commercial free. Instead of advertisements, they promise behind-the-scenes footage, and other fun stuff. Can you imagine that!

But that's not all. Throughout the game, they're also letting fans chat online with GM David Kahn and owner Glen Taylor. No kidding!

But wait, there's more! They'll also have a Flickr scavenger hunt, a trivia contest on Facebook, all while encouraging fans to use YouTube to plead their case for Kahn and Taylor to pick a certain player in the upcoming draft.

Operators are standing by. Order by midnight, and you'll also get the chop-0-matic for absolutely no extra charge. (By the way, you could make the case Timberwolves' center Ryan Hollins is the chop-o-matic ... he's third in the NBA in fouls per minute.)