Sam Smith: Michael Jordan a "Man's Man"

Smith wrote a lot about Jordan, which Jordan never seems to like much. He answered a question about their relationship at ChicagoSports.com:

Michael hasn't always been happy with me, but he's always dealt with me professionally. After "The Jordan Rules" was published in 1991, he was upset with me, though less, I think, about what was in the book since there was nothing particularly embarrassing or harmful. He never once has spoken to me about the book or mentioned it. I'd had a good, professional relationship with him and back then, since the media traveled with the players, we spent some time together with an occasional dinner. I believe he felt I'd broken some sort of code by writing about him, though, I always told him anything that went on in basketball was fair game. I said I'd keep his family and personal life out of my writing and always did. We had some brief, not unfriendly conversations when he was with the Wizards, but always only on basketball. He always treated me, no matter how he may have felt, with respect in public situations and answered my questions as he would anyone else's. I never walked by to chat as some reporters did and as I once did when he was with the Bulls. He rarely speaks to reporters anymore and I've only seen him in passing at a few Bulls games. I always liked him and found him a man's man type who was fun to be around because of that legendary competitive nature as everything from a conversation to your favorite movie was a contest. I don't believe he thinks about me anymore. He seems to have done pretty well for himself.