Will Joakim Noah Declare for the Draft?

Chad Ford's NBA draft preview stuff is pretty satisfying. Here's a tidbit from his latest post, about everyone's favorite son of a tennis-pro-turned-reggae-star.

Noah has consistently told people that he plans on returning for a junior season at Florida. But given the recent rise in his draft stock, are those plans still realistic? Noah was quoted by the Palm Beach Press on Wednesday as saying that the NBA was "boring" and a "joke almost" and that he was loving college life. Will he keep that position if Florida wins a title? Noah doesn't need the money the way many college athletes do.

While it's very clear that Noah would benefit from another year in school (he needs to add muscle and keep refining his offensive skills) it's hard to imagine that Noah's draft stock ever will be much higher. He's already ranked as the fourth best prospect in the draft on our big board and, with a few more great games, he has a shot at the No. 1 overall pick. If history is a guide, Noah will reverse course and enter the draft. It's pretty rare for Top 5 picks to pass up on the opportunity. Noah could be the exception.

DraftExpress has him pegged to be drafted fifth overall.

Sometime between now and whenever he gets drafted, we all need to learn the correct pronounciation of his name. Check out this fun Scout.com discussion of that exact topic. GTGator (almost everyone in that forum has a handle involving the word "Gator") says:

Virtually everyone mispronounces his name. Joakim is a very common Swedish name. My mother who is Swedish pronounced it correctly as "Yo-a-keem" (Swedes pronounce "Jo" as "Yo"). I imagine that Joakim's Swedish mother pronounces it that way as well.

What's interesting is UF press guides used to list the pronounciation as "Jo-a-kim." Gatorzone.com still lists the prounciation as "Jo-a-kim" (LINK). However, since the beginning of the SEC tournament, the press guides have changed and started to list the pronounciation as "Jo-kim."

Check out this press guide for a Swedish track athlete for the UT Volunteers named Joakim Daun. UT actually lists the correct pronounciation as "Yoh-Ah-KEEM."

Then there is much discussion of Swedes, Sweden, naming conventions, and who gets to decide how the name is properly pronounced.

PSUinNYC312 finishes with this:

Joakim's name is pronounced Joa-KEEM. That is the proper way to pronounce it. When he moved down to UF, people down south started calling him Jo-kim, which is the IMPROPER way to say his name. However, he felt bad correcting people on it. He now says that Jo-kim is the southern way to say his name. Instead of being offended by the hicks who couldn't pronounce his name properly, he embraced it. Thats how good of a guy he is.