Friday Bullets

  • Cavs: The Blog's John Krolik: "LeBron James is having one of the most efficient scoring seasons a high-volume scorer has ever enjoyed. This much is statistical fact. He has also made me lose at least a year of my life due to his shot selection, which has been widely maligned. This much is medical opinion. There are two schools of thought on LeBron’s shot selection: 'LeBron takes way too many bad shots and is hurting his team by doing so,' and 'LeBron’s True Shooting is 61.1%. Haters to the left.' Rather than put things in black-and-white terms, let’s take a look at LeBron’s shot selection."

  • Brian Kamenetzky of ESPNLosAngeles assessing the idea that the Lakers will be great when they buckle down on defense: "Over the course of the season, the Lakers have been one of the best, if not the best, defensive teams in the NBA. All season long they've jockeyed with Boston for the top spot in defensive efficiency, which measures the number of points allowed per 100 possessions. (Through Thursday, L.A. is second at 102.4, just behind the Celtics at 102.1.) There's always room for improvement, but it's hard to do too much better than best. Meanwhile, as I noted after Sunday's loss to Orlando, the Lakers have far more serious problems on the other side of the ball. Not only are they performing below last year's output in both raw numbers (102.6 ppg this season vs. 106.9 a year ago) and fancy metrics (108.6 points per 100 trips in '09-'10, over four points less than last year, numbers via Basketball Reference), but the Lakers come up short relative to champions of the last decade as well. Well short."

  • Jonny Flynn, talking to Marc Stein: "You look at a lot of the top rookies and they have a tremendous amount of freedom. They can go out and really almost do whatever they want. But Kurt [Rambis] is really teaching me the game of basketball. He's teaching me how to play in a system. And if you look at all the great point guards in this league, they know how to run a system and they can play pick-and-roll basketball. I already know how to play pick-and-roll basketball. Now I'm learning how to run a system."

  • It can seem like when you make the NBA, you can stop worrying about money and just enjoy life. But there's a lot of evidence to the contrary, including the humiliating tale of Robert Whaley.

  • The chest bump heard 'round the world.

  • When they make a reality show where all the ESPN.com NBA writers live together in a house, the Kamenetzky Brothers deserve producer credits.

  • Arn Tellem on Huffington Post: "Using the Ryder Cup format, I'd open up the Rookie Challenge to all players who were 24-and-under at start of season. This year the U.S. team might have included Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Brook Lopez and Brandon Jennings. On the international side, the team could have featured Danilo Gallinari, Omri Casspi, Yi Jianlian, Al Horford and Marc Gasol. And why not expand the roster to accomodate former draft picks, Euroleague stars and NBA prospects currently playing overseas. Fans would get to see such outstanding -- and heretofore mysterious -- talents as Ricky Rubio, Víctor Claver and Tiago Splitter, as well Donatas Motiejūnas and Jan Veselý."

  • The Wizards are playing three games in three nights.

  • Luis Scola has been producing a lot more since the departure of Carl Landry.

  • Orlando fans wanted Adonal Foyle. The game was a blowout. But Stan Van Gundy did not give the fans what they wanted.

  • Watch Javale McGee jump!

  • A long video made of nothing but Nicolas Batum blocking shots.

  • Five things that feel wrong about Gilbert Arenas changing his number.