NBA and NFL Anti-Hero Children's Book

This is from the blog promoting Bobbee Bee the H.A.T.E.R.:

With the drop out rate at an all-time high, the rise of gang-activity increasing, the prison industrial complex growing, the zero tolerance policy being enforced, resegregrated school districts being setup, disciplinary problems getting out of control, poor test scores continuing to drop, overcrowded classrooms becoming overbearing, frustrated teachers quitting, ritalin and prozac usage being mandated , and the black family structure declining along comes a kid named “BoBBee Bee “The Hater"!

BOBBEE BEE "THE H.A.T.E.R." is an obnoxious, opinionated 10-year old child with a "bad attitude" from the city of "Brotherly Love." His body language is bad and his grades are the worst in the state. He is totally misunderstood by his teachers and classmates.

Ironically, he has been "bamboozled" and "brainwashed" by rap videos and "enslaved" by a endless supply of ESPN highlights. That's right!

And you wonder why, so many of our young black males raised in the “so-called” urban environment aspire “only” to be three things: a rapper, an athlete, or some form of street hustler.

BoBBee Bee "The Hater," oddly enough, is a "copycat"combination of (Terrell Owens, KOBE BRYANT, and RASHEED WALLACE) all rolled up into a tiny, thin, "Iverson-size" 81 pound body.