Raja Bell's Kobe Bryant Takedown

Of course the big question is whether or not Bell will be suspended for game six. I think he probably will.

Chris Young on Raja Bell's clothesline last night:

NBA disciplinarian Stu Jackson has been criticized for overstuffing the penalty box this playoff season. But Bell deserves no sympathy. The Suns had crawled back and grabbed a little life -- they were actually making 3-pointers when they needed them, were up by 14 with 7 1/2 minutes to go. Kobe Bryant was being controlled by Phoenix's smart double-teaming, the Suns were playing on-the-edge physical and frustrating the Lakers. After the way they frittered away Game 4 in L.A., after the bollocking Steve Nash had received the last couple days, after the video evidence of Kobe Bryant slaying them, it was about as much as they could have hoped for.

Then Bell went off. And reviewing the PVR evidence this morning, there appeared to be absolutely nothing that triggered it in the play immediately preceding. It was inexcusable.

Watch the video on ESPN and/or on YouTube.

And notice this: Kobe Bryant stood up and dusted himself off. Eventually he started gesticulating like a madman, but all in all, he did not try to kick Bell's ass. He controlled himself like a champion.