Chris Bosh, dumped by a Raptor fan's tweet

Like some other free agents to be (cough, LeBron, cough) Chris Bosh has been a bit coy about his next move. On Twitter, the free agent-to-be has mused about where he should play next. He made a splash visiting with the Lakers.

The more LeBron James has refused to promise he'll stay in Cleveland, the more Cleveland has wanted him. But Bosh is playing a different hand, and his coyness has been met with coolness, as Chris Young of the Toronto Star describes:

For Raptors fans and officials, who have watched the likes of earlier stars Damon Stoudamire, Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter leave town, it’s déjà vu. The only change is the technology, and perhaps that checkered history to soften the blow. There will be moony-eyed Toronto fans, for sure, but given the general level of cynicism surrounding a club that has missed the playoffs the last two years with Bosh at the wheel, it’s a safe bet there’s not a lot of wet eyes in the average Raptor fan’s house.

Or as one Twitter follower of Bosh put it: “Why is Chris Bosh slowly breaking up with us via Twitter? Get your s--- and leave, Chris. I think we’re all done here.”