Greg Oden, on looking old

May, 20, 2010
Abbott By Henry Abbott

One of the casualties of Greg Oden's many injuries, which he discusses on video has been his sense of humor. He has always been a funny guy -- but with the expectations of a team resting on his oft-broken body, it has not been time for jokes.

He entered the NBA with the face of an old man, but the grin and tastes of a teenager. He was full of tales about how he and longtime teammate and friend (and current Grizzlies point guard) Mike Conley Jr. had spent endless hours perfecting all the dances from the movie "Stomp the Yard."

Absent the adrenaline rush from winning games and adulation on the court night and night out, he is now only occasionally silly -- other times, he's withdrawn. He's only 22, he but admits that the last three years, including a string of injuries and an embarrassing misstep involving a nude photo, have made him feel significantly older, and smarter, than he was a few years ago.

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