Phoenix Suns vs. L.A. Clippers Bullets

Raja Bell 3 (*gong*)
Raja Bell steal (*gong*)
Raja Bell defence on Cassell jumper that misses (*gong*)
Tim Thomas fouls out AND Clippers in the bonus. Now what?
Nash penetrates, airballs a pass to -- Nicholson? Who else could it be in the third row?
Cassell drive against Bell, bump and jump good! Clips by three
Nash driving layup, down to one
Brand turnover against double, Barbosa stealing his pass
Nash penetrates, bounces pass into Marion's feet -- turnover. It's dead quiet
Cassell fouled, makes both, three-point lead, 3.8 seconds left
Timeout, Daniel Ewing -- activate GPS Finder -- in for Brand. (On TV, Collins keeps going on about the Clips having a foul to give)
Raja Bell catch and shoot in corner against Ewing -- Good! tie game, 1.1 left (*gong! gong! gong!*) and in timeout, Cassell giving it to poor Ewing.

0:04 – Nash with ANOTHER TURNOVER! OH! MY! GOD! Foul. Sam hits both gimmies. 111-108 LA. Timeout Phoenix. Let’s talk about not turning the fucking ball over Steve!

  • The box score shows it was nearly 3 and a half hours.

  • NPR stops just short of calling Steve Nash a commie. I think gimpie is more like it.

  • Second time I'm linking to this today: ClipperBlog.

  • Highlights of everything from last night. TNT's post-game. This includes heated debate about whose fault it is that Sam Cassell didn't get the ball across half court in time. Cassell said it was his fault in the post-game, but Kenny and Charles blame the coaching staff. I say that's part of being a point guard. Also, Charles Barkley gives a tutorial in how to foul when your team is up three, and Kenny Smith got on the court and showed how Ewing could have been in better position. More than 20 minutes long.

  • NBA.com has some great post-game quotes, including this super typo in a Mike D'Antoni quote:

"So many guys just gutted tit out"

Not sure which game he was watching... And here's a happy Raja Bell:

"I’m not one of those guys who asks for the ball, but when he drew it up for me, I was excited. I thought I was going to hit it.”

Mike Dunleavy on not fouling Raja Bell:

"We went through the drill--we protected the sideline pass, foul the shooter and unfortunately, they made a pass to Raja [Bell] in the corner and if [Daniel] Ewing would have fouled him, it would have sent him to the foul line to shoot three. He couldn’t take the foul. It is the discretion of the player, you have to know whether or not to foul.. Danny felt that if he fouled him that he would have been in the shooting motion and they would have been shooting three free throws."

Sam Cassell:

“We had a young guy in the game. It wasn’t his fault that Raja made the shot, but we have to do better in that situation. We had a foul to give and we didn’t do it. We gave a guy who was making shots all night the opportunity to make a shot. This was a strange and crazy basketball game and he made the shot. I don’t think he could make it if he shot it again, but he made this one—he got it to go down and wow. It’s a tough loss.”

Chris Kaman:

"They’re a good team, but so are we. We do things just as good as they do if not better. We have post players, they really don’t. They play a style of basketball that’s tough for teams to adjust to. That’s just something we’ve had to work on and deal with. They make shots, they make plays. The biggest thing is you try to keep them out of the open floor and fast break, that type of thing. They’re a good team, they do a good job.”

  • The L.A. Times (right now they're wishing their Laker blog was a Clipper blog, I bet) has Ewing saying he wasn't supposed to foul unless someone put the ball on the floor.:

"I knew the situation, we had a foul to give, and Coach really didn't want us to foul unless someone took a dribble," Ewing said. "He didn't want to risk the chance of someone having a four-point play.

"Marion was carrying the Suns for three quarters, hitting 13 of 20 shots for 28 points and 13 rebounds while sitting only 90 seconds in the first 36 minutes. But in the fourth, Marion went 1 for 8 from the field in the fourth quarter and missed two free throws when the game was tied with 39 seconds to go after Brand tore him down as he raced ahead for a would-be breakaway slam."