Monday Bullets

  • John Krolik of Cavs: The Blog: "Rasheed Wallace was a +15 in 18 minutes in Game 2. ... We must learn how Rasheed Wallace can conserve energy like he did this regular season without atrophying his game. It could be the key to a manned Mars voyage."

  • Darius from Forum Blue and Gold: "So, the Lakers now fly to Boston in the wake of their first home loss of these playoffs and enter a hostile environment of the new Garden with the very real scenario that they may trail a playoff series for the second time in two seasons. Needless to say, this is not what the Lakers nor us fans would want after two games. But, here we are. And we got to this point because the Lakers struggled with an improved Boston defense from what they showed in game 1. Gone were the easy driving lanes. And when the Lakers did beat an initial defender, the help arrived quickly and with authority. The pick and roll action that the Lakers ran with so much effectiveness in game 1 was stifled. Overall, everything the Lakers tried to do on offense was met with a defense that was more prepared."

  • Zach Lowe of CelticsHub enumerates eight points that the Celtics handed away out of absentmindedness in Game 2: "Oh, Shelden. You’re such a good guy, and I understand what you’re trying to do here. You’re trying to make something happen, to give your team a chance at a make-able shot before the halftime buzzer. But the odds of you connecting with Tony Allen on this outlet pass to half court, and of Tony Allen gathering the ball and getting a decent look, well, they’re pretty slim. And, oh no, here’s Kobe jumping the passing lane, and, crap, there’s no defender in position to challenge this three, and we all know how this scene ends. Williams’ motives were good, even understandable. But you’ve got to play the percentages, and the percentages say hold onto the damn ball."

  • Ron Artest's dribblefest late-game squandered possession, in video on Hardwood Paroxysm, with the accompanying line from Rob Mahoney: "I sincerely wish I could have a stream-of-consciousness running commentary from Ron when I watch the following play. I suppose someone could just ask him, and the typically filterless Artest would probably guide us all through the process step-by-step, from how bringing the ball up the court reminded him of how it feels to be a star, to how his traced path on the court is a scale reenactment of the British Troops’ northbound march during the American Revolution, to how this sequence never once failed in Queensbridge. If I could just live in Ron’s head for one day…oh, the places we’d go!"

  • Matt McHale of Bulls by the Horns, running through Tom Thibodeau's biography: "As far as rookie head coaches go, he’s sort of -- no offense -- the anti-Vinny Del Negro."

  • There's nothing wrong with wanting to be colorful, attractive and spectacular.

  • What's with Monty Williams? Who's the Hornets' new coach? Some insight into the former Blazer assistant who is reportedly set to take over the Hornets. One fact I recall from his playing days -- he is very close to former teammate Grant Hill.

  • The Lakers have been killing the offensive glass, which is one of the more important stats in basketball, and has led directly so a series of playoff putback gamewinners.

  • Mark Cuban says that when he has been fined by the NBA, it has almost always been on purpose. You buy that?

  • Lance Stephenson can't seem to get his story straight. Is there trouble in his past -- for instance the thing he plead guilty too? Or not?

  • Sebastian Pruiti on Derek Fisher: "Fisher does a lot of stuff when getting screened that works in pick and roll situations. He punishes the screener, he hooks his body around them, and he gets very animated sometimes drawing the foul. All that stuff works, because he has a defender hedging on the ball handler. However, off the ball, that stuff doesn’t work."

  • Oklahoma City has been particularly happy about the lack of tattoos on their NBA players, but apparently Kevin Durant does, in fact, have some tats.

  • You have no idea how many people have e-mailed me to say that they just know the hot hand is real any discussion to the contrary is worthless. Here's a blog about deluding yourself. (Via Kottke)

  • Larry Ellison is serious about buying the Warriors. He was serious before. But he's serious now.

  • A good question from TrueHoop reader JP: With 1:59 left in the game, the officials had the option of using replay to determine who knocked the ball out of bounds. Why didn't they?

  • When do we forgive Tim Hardaway?

  • Some colorful analogies for the Kevin Pritchard situation in Portland from Dave at BlazersEdge: "Like a hemorrhoid, this issue is going to flare up repeatedly until they get some Preparation H in the form of a new contract for KP or they have surgery to remove the issue altogether. My question in all of this is the same one I had when Tom Penn was let go: whose sense of timing are they basing these decisions on? Does this guy go around asking out brides at their wedding receptions? Telling Knock-Knock jokes at funerals? Bringing whoopee cushions on first dates?"

  • Longtime TrueHoop readers will remember Zabian Dowdell, who almost made the NBA in 2007, and wrote some great journal entries for TrueHoop during the process. He seems to be doing incredibly well, and is still playing in Europe, but is also the founder of this website.

  • Not really basketball, but a look at when Malcolm Gladwell was the greatest athlete in Canada. Sort of. Truer than it seems.