The Lakers' offense in crunch time

June, 8, 2010
Abbott By Henry Abbott
Darius from Forum Blue and Gold carefully reviewed the last several minutes of Game 2, from the point with 5:20 left when Kobe Bryant hit a jump shot to give the Lakers a three-point lead.
After making that baseline jumper, Kobe took five shots and made one (the 3-pointer after the offensive rebound on Ron’s circus possession). The Lakers had four turnovers including two when they tried to go into the post (offensive foul on Bynum with his illegal screen and the bad pass from Artest to Pau where the spacing and angle was bad). Gasol took one shot (the desperation 3) and Bynum didn’t have a single FGA.

If you just read this paragraph you understand fully why the Lakers lost this game.

Something I have noticed in the past: When you're analyzing an offense, and nothing seems to be working correctly, the story is often not a broken offense, so much as it is a really good defense.

Which makes me wonder: How much are the Celtics going to miss Tom Thibodeau?

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