Live Blogging Phoenix-LA Clippers

May, 23, 2006
  • Catching up... Clippers come out swinging. Phoenix  catches fire for a spell, and by the end of the first quarter it's practically tied again.
  • Nash looks a little healthier than he has in a while.
  • Shaun Livingston NAILED a TNT camera man.
  • Steve Kerr. Love his explanation of "chucking cutters." Another way to phrase it: taking cheap shots at the little dudes for running into big man territory.
  • Listening to talk of Steve Nash's messed up back has totally made me improve my posture.
  • I need a backup show. I can't watch another Aqua Velva ad.
  • Clippers should be owning the paint. They have five guys in the paint. But they still aren't owning it.
  • James Jones is a little disappointing. He always seems to be watching his shot, or giving up just  a second or two before the play stops. I'd give Kurt Thomas two or three minutes instead of Jones.
  • Penny Marshall is supposedly the world's biggest Laker fan. Now she's in another team's colors. It's one thing to have a second favorite team. But to wear their gear? That's acting. That's Hollywood. That's Penny Marshall, I guess.
  • Found a crazy backup show. Have you seen Dig! It's on Sundance right now. In a few seconds the lead singer from the Brian Jonestown Massacre is about to kick a fan in the head. For real. It's a wild documentary about the Dandy Warhols and some other rockers. Worth a watch.
  • I'd be posting up Livingston against Nash a lot more. It looks so unfair.
  • New backup show: the Colbert Report. But that's ending too.
  • Charles Barkley says what I just said in an IM conversation: Dallas will Win the west. They're the best Western team left. Of course injuries could change everything.
  • How many different cornball ad campaigns are there right now involving one of those goooooofy players talking on his cell phone when he's supposed to be doing something else? Silly Ben Wallace is supposed to be on the court. Silly Vince Carter is supposed to be interviewed on TV. If us fans go for that cheese, we reinforce the players' suspicions that us white people have no idea how to have fun.
  • This game is not being played at the same high level as the best parts of this series. Not now anyway. Not yet. It feels like the intensity could go up. I want my eyeballs to explode. Last time I live blogged, Raja Bell went all Muhammad Ali.
  • Doug Collins' surfer boy blond hair do should not stand. Someone should organize a flash mob or something to protest that.
  • Step back for a minute and consider the score! It's halfway through the third and both teams  already have at least a dozen more points than Cleveland scored all game the other night.
  • When I see the whole Clipper squad losing their composure yelling at the refs, and Mike Dunleavy powerless to do anything other than watch and occasionally join in, I am reminded of his days in Portland. 
  • I don't think we're going to get to see Kurt Thomas in this one.
  • New backup show: Nixon. Ahh. maybe not. It's too heavy and slow for short visits.
  • Maggette firing the ball into the floor in anger at the end of the third quarter. He is carrying himself like a man who has already lost, with a whole quarter to play. He has to believe if they're going to win.
  • Sam Cassell has a game face on at least. Maggette gets a little redemption with a power move. Phoenix miss and foul. Nash back in. Right now, with a 16-point hole, it's the Clippers shot.
  • Shawn Marion and Michael Finley are two dudes who shoot three-pointers while somewhat bent at the waist.
  • Come on L.A. make this interesting. Please. It's late. We need a little action here.
  • I like how the Phoenix floor has two different tones of wood color. Subtle and classy. 
  • Why is it that some players look angry in a way that helps their game, and others when they get angry, it's clear that they are hurting themselves as players with senseless distraction.
  • Shawn Marion wants to be an MVP candidate. They say that fact may make him available this summer. Man, I'd love to have him on my team. The only concern is that I wonder if he could succeed on a team without great leadership.
  • Phoenix is all about getting you into the wrong place, or, failing that, getting you off-balance which is just as good.
  • Paul Mokeski... remember him? He used to look a lot younger. Now he's a scout, and must know a ton about baskteball. But he's not giving away any secrets on national TV, that's for sure. His big insight to Craig Sager: the Suns like to run.
  • Why does everybody think the Clippers would play Dallas tougher? What does Phoenix have to do to prove they're the better team? Stuff like poise will matter in the next series, too, and the Suns are better at that.
  • 18 point lead with three and a half minutes left. Can we take Steve Nash out now?




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