Big Baby on the microphone

Glen Davis and Nate RobinsonRon Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

A happy Glen Davis is top-grade entertainment.

In case you missed it, an edited transcript of Glen Davis and Nate Robinson at the podium after Game 4:

How did you feel going to the basket? You were 7 for 10 tonight.

GLEN DAVIS: I just felt like a beast. Really, I'm going to just be honest with you. I just felt like I couldn't be denied, rebound if a rebound was in my vicinity or like if the ball was going to be laid up, you know, I just felt like I just couldn't be denied. And it kind of started off with me missing those two, a lay up and then the jump shot. I was really upset at myself, and I said I've got to seize the moment here. There's not too many times you get a chance to be in The Finals and be a part of something so great that you can never really imagine yourself even being here. I just couldn't be denied today.

Doc was in here and told us about his six point rule, that he was going to go with you guys until it got down to six. Did you know about that number or that rule?

NATE ROBINSON: No, I was hoping not to come out of the game.

GLEN DAVIS: I was wishing I didn't come out of the game, but I'm glad to know that now, so we won't let it get to six points.

NATE ROBINSON: The main thing, when you're playing like that, you just try to play, like I said, as hard as you can for as long as you can, and then you want the starters to go back in so they can carry us home. We did our job today, we went in, we played hard, played smart, played together. And then the guys, the starting five, they go in and they bring us home. That's the beauty about a team.

Did you feel some ownership for what went on? And did you want to finish it out if possible?

GLEN DAVIS: I was really looking at the clock like, when is he going to come get me?

NATE ROBINSON: I was thinking the same thing.

GLEN DAVIS: We're playing, but time out go by, he don't sub, I was like, man, he's letting us roll.

NATE ROBINSON: It was fun. It was fun today.

GLEN DAVIS: I want to give Doc a hug, man. I love Doc.

NATE ROBINSON: Tell him "thank you".

GLEN DAVIS: I sure appreciate it.

Great moment after that three point play, fourth quarter. I think you've already heard about this a little bit from your teammates, Glen, when you were yelling and just very happy and maybe just a little bit of drool.

NATE ROBINSON: Slobber, yeah, I tried to wipe it

GLEN DAVIS: Let me tell you something right quick. When you're in the moment, you're in the moment. If I slobber, snot, spit, please excuse me. Kids, don't do that. Have manners and things like that. Sorry about that. Did I catch you with some?

No. And Nate, you jumping on his back at that moment as well. Just that moment for you guys, to be able to share it.

GLEN DAVIS: You were on my back?

NATE ROBINSON: You didn't even notice. We're like Shrek and Donkey. (Laughter). You can't separate us.

GLEN DAVIS: You shouldn't have let us two get up here.