Late Friday Bullets

  • Not that long ago, Celtic fans were wishing Doc Rivers would give Glen Davis' minutes to Shelden Williams.

  • How the Lakers will have to attack the Celtics without a healthy Andrew Bynum.

  • Steve Weinman of D-League Digest is a huge Celtics fan, who was lucky enough to get tickets to Game 4. He got there early to watch warmups: "How it makes me ruefully shake my head to watch Rasheed Wallace come out an hour before the latest 'biggest game of the season' to shoot 3-pointers with his left hand. A month ago, this would have added to my 'Buy him out at all costs this summer!' campaign. I’m not ready to disband said campaign, but for now, well, the shooting exhibition is just part of the show. Kobe Bryant. Fellow Celtics fans will hang me for showing any admiration for him, but I love watching him before the game. There’s no question that Kobe Bryant the person has given us plenty not to like. But if everyone prepared for his or her job the way Kobe Bryant prepares for his, we would all be a lot more productive. Every movement is measured. Even in his shoot-around, every shot is taken with a purpose. No chitchat. No goofing. This is a man with a job to do. It’s no surprise that he is a nominee for the least exciting introduction of any NBA starter. Walks right through the two lines of his teammates, hands extended out to his sides, eyes straight ahead. Time to work. I guess I could tell you that I’m not impressed by watching one of the world’s best hoopsters prepare to play, but I’d be lying if I did."

  • The Celtics' fourth-quarter offense changed everything. Here, on video, is how it worked.

  • If you're a David Thorpe fan, this podcast is one heck of a lot of insight.

  • An age old basketball question arises again: When will Larry Brown make up his mind where he wants to work?

  • Ricky Rubio's Barcelona team is heavily favored to win the Spanish title. Is he having the kind of special team experience that will make him consider staying in Spain beyond next season?

  • Darius from Forum Blue and Gold: "Andrew Bynum dragged his leg around like a sleepy toddler does his favorite blanket and while I give him a ton of credit for trying to help his team, he just didn’t have enough mobility to move in the half court to cut off angles on penetration or run the floor in a manner that allowed him to change ends with any real pace. And without Bynum’s size, this is a different Lakers team – especially against these Celtics. Boston was able to score well in the lane by getting 54 points in the paint while also winning the battle of boards 41-34, 16 of which were recoveries of their own misses."

  • Rob Mahoney, Mavericks blogger at The Two Man Game, has the skinny on Avery Johnson: "Avery Johnson is, in many cases, a victim of revisionist history. There is no doubt that the most successful seasons in Maverick history came under Avery’s watch, and yet his coaching tenure in Dallas is treated as something of a failure. Johnson’s Mavs never won the title, but to judge a team solely on that criterion ignores the improbability inherent in any title run. In all, the teams Avery coached won a ridiculous number of games in his four seasons with the Mavs, and try as we might, there’s no getting around that."

  • Sam Presti kind of traded for Tyson Chandler once, but that didn't really work out owing to injury concerns that nullified the deal. Now that Chandler is healthy, might Presti's Thunder sign Chandler as a free agent?

  • Has any coach's stock risen more over the last year than Alvin Gentry's?

  • Wizards fans on video, talking about whether or not John Wall and Gilbert Arenas can coexist.