Friday Full-Size Bullets

  • A review of SI columnist Rick Reilly doing stand-up comedy.

  • How Tayshaun Prince fell to the Pistons.

  • Chad Ford on Marcus Williams: "Would we like his body to be better? Sure," one NBA executive said. "But the guy is the smartest player in the draft. He knows how to play basketball. That's what you want in a point guard. The conditioning will get much better once he's in an NBA system. People were worried about the same thing with Deron Williams and Carmelo Anthony, and it turned into a nonissue. The kid has a chance to be special." By the way, he says Guillermo Diaz will likely go in the second half of the first round, unless things conspire in certain ways and he slips lower...

  • Any chance this Dwayne Wade is sick thing is 10% truth and 90% fancy coaching ploy to keep the Pistons off guard? I doubt it, but the thought has crossed my mind. Miami is still favored, but barely.

  • Detroit Bad Boys is stepping it up bigtime for the playoffs.

  • David Thorpe on Killer Crossover.

  • Columnist calls for Blazer president to resign.

  • FreeDarko: "the Heat are like a piss-poor version of the Lakers dynasty: Shaq + guard is as awesome a core as you could possibly muster up, but the microbes around them are a sordid, crappy reflection of the crisp murder ballad that was Fisher, Fox, Shaw, George, etc."

  • Clipper Blog: " Dallas is a colossal mess on their weak side help and rotations."

  • Jones on the NBA: "the best Chicago trade scenario for the Lakers would be to offer Mihm and this year’s number one pick for Ben Gordon."

  • Basketbawful: "Whew! I never thought I'd have to write so many words defending the league MVP. And really, it's kind of sad. This is seriously detracting from the time I usually spend making fart and penis jokes. Consider this post my closing statement..."

  • Rumor: Sonics staying.

  • Sekou Smith: "By no means am I a fan of this relentless, and mostly futile, international search for the next Nowitzki or Ginobili or whoever is the foreign flavor of the month in the NBA. But I do believe that the international interpretation of the game, from the way it’s taught to the way it’s played, is simply much more fun to watch and I’m sure a much more enjoyable way to play the game that so many of us love."

  • Shaquille O'Neal vs. Child Porn