Jerryd Bayless goes Bill Russell on Game 7

Do you know what Blazer guard Jerryd Bayless did for Game 7 of the NBA Finals? He was in Los Angeles, at a friend's house, with his game face on. He writes that not long before tip-off, he started feeling light-headed and sweaty, with plenty of dizziness and stomach pain.

Somehow I had to figure out a way to get my act together to watch this game. Lol. There was no way I was going to let this make me miss game seven of the finals.

We had originally planned to go to the game, but I knew that wasn’t going to work. As the game started, I could tell I was getting worse. I was trying to hide it because a lot of people were there and I knew a storm was coming . I did my best for as long as I could, but midway through the second quarter it was time for me to go. I told all of my boys to just get me back to the hotel as fast as possible.

At first they thought I was kidding, but after they got a good look at me they knew it was time to go. We took the freeways home, hoping that because of the game the traffic wouldn't be as bad. Mistake!!!!! The traffic was still terrible and I could tell I was getting sicker and sicker. Finally, we exited onto Sunset. If you have ever been to L.A. you know that that is one of the busiest streets in Hollywood. It was packed and we were stuck because that was the only street that would go through to my hotel.

I was trying to do the best I could to relax, but I couldn’t. My friends started to worry a little bit because they started to say I was heaving, but I know I was trying to just do the best I could to not throw up in my car. Lol.

I didn’t do the best I could because once we got to about Sunset and Wilcox it got REAL!!!

Luckily I opened the door quick enough that only a little got in my car, but I was in literally in the middle of the street throwing up and holding up traffic. Haha. Everytime I went to get back in the car, it would just start again. It was really one of the worst feelings I have ever had. To make things worse, there was a movie premiere going on right across the street, so there were hundreds of people outside looking at me like I was crazy. Lol. Finally when I did finish, I was so tired that I instantly went to sleep in the car and ended up going to bed that around seven.

The worst part about the whole thing is not that I was sick though, it's that I missed GAME 7!!!!! I guess we all live and learn.

Two thoughts:

  • Bayless opens this story by mentioning that he and his friends ate at Roscoe's -- the chicken and waffles place -- six or seven times in four days. He does not relate those dining choices to his apparent food poisoning, however.

  • Don't you want to know what movie premiere that was? UPDATE: Amazing. TrueHoop reader Alan does a little research and finds that premiere was likely "Jonah Hex," where Megan Fox made headlines prancing around with her plunging neckline. Bayless really fit the mood.

  • I'm happy Bayless is taking his blog seriously. For this post, I'm even more happy he has not yet branched out into video blogging.