Monday Bullets

  • Celtic fans have been letting themselves imagine having meaningful cap space. CelticsHub's Zach Lowe digs around, and finds that approach to be more dream than reality.

  • Irina Pavlova, president of the holding company Mikhail Prokhorov created to oversee his investments in the Nets and the Brooklyn arena, in an interview with Ben Couch of Nets.com: "I’m not here to meddle. The team has great management, and I’m not here to tell them how to do things." Also, on her work bridging the gap between America and Russia when she was Google's first employee in Moscow: "The Americans don’t always trust Russians to do the right thing. What did you do to engender that trust? I think just by being here, being open and letting our partners see that we’re not the Boogeyman, we’re not the Mafia; we’re normal people, doing business just like anyone else here." She also says that when she was young, a can of spam was considered a good gift.

  • The Rockets have a caravan of maniacal fans and one blogger driving all over the country to try to help Daryl Morey woo free agents. It was all born of an idea e-mailed to the Rockets at their online suggestion box (ideas@rocketball.com). The excellent Jason Friedman of Rockets.com is blogging the whole experience and, appropriately, quoting Kerouac.

  • Those who doubt LeBron James now have their own music video, courtesty of Jason Simms, who made a YouTube video including these lyrics: "His realm was humble, he elevated it/He was a native son, some said a god or a prophet/And though he dripped in gold he dreamt a foolish goal/To be the richest king the world has ever known/To the east he went to see out powerful friends/To the west he went to pose for a camera lens/He promised glory to his people through glory of his own/But when it came time to win glory, the king he wasn't home."

  • John Wall knew his deceased father had served a lot of time. He visited him in prison, even. But until a reporter told him, he did not know it was armed robbery and murder. It's a heavy moment of an excellent profile when the reporter tells him about it. Was it inappropriate for the reporter to tell him something his mother had kept from him? Wall does not fault the Washington Post's Eric Prisbell.

  • By trading one fairly high first-round pick for two lower picks, the Hornets -- according to this analysis -- essentially doubled their chances of getting a good player.

  • Dallas big man Erick Dampier, by the way, has no salary protection for next year. Some team could trade for his big $12.1 million salary and then simply waive him. If there are still teams trying to reduce their salary cap numbers to better compete in free agency, ain't nothing like a Dampier. The Mavericks are brilliant to hold a contract like that. They'll be getting offers, for sure. Play around in the trade machine, and you'll see that a team could trade the Mavericks something like $16.4 million while getting just Dampier in return. More on Dampier's deal from Rob Mahoney.

  • The Lakers' entire championship season, in a blog post.

  • Kobe Bryant talks about one day playing in Italy. Stephon Marbury talked about that once, too, but ended up in China.

  • Kevin Arnovitz shows off his deep knowledge of the NBA with a smart analysis of who should be the Clippers' next coach.

  • What Tom Thibodeau is likely to do for the Bulls' pick-and-roll defense.