Dwyane Wade's Chicago family ties

After extensive talks with Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has made no secret of the fact that he is due for some serious decision-making.

As has been well discussed, the decision is rich with basketball analysis -- would Wade be closer to a title in Miami or Chicago?

Yet there is a family reason for Wade to consider Illinois, beyond the fact that he is famously from the Chicago area.

The more immediate concern is access to his children.

Wade's divorce from Siohvaughn Wade was recently finalized (although an appeal is possible). The judge has awarded Wade full custody of his two sons -- for now.

A major aspect of the Wades' separation was a nasty and ongoing legal tussle over custody. Siohvaughn has been chastised by the judge for denying the player proper access to his children; as a result Wade was given temporary full custody a month ago.

However, the long-term custody arrangements have yet to be determined. A trial on that issue has been scheduled to begin in Chicago on July 19.

Should the judge decide that the NBA star is to share custody with his Illinois-based ex-wife, living nearby would give Wade far more flexibility in scheduling time with his children.