Zach Randolph Reportedly in a Speeding Car With Loaded Guns

Ugh. That doesn't help the old trade value. It's not that speeding is so bad. It's not that having a licensed, legal, concealed firearm is so bad. It's just... what kind of night out is that? Who parties with loaded guns in speeding cars? Wouldn't you rather have the best player on your team be really into snorkeling or something?

Seems like Zach isn't in any legal trouble, which means he has an opportunity to do what lawyers usually won't let players do in these situations: explain themselves to the press. If I were the Blazers, I'd get him talking openly and honestly to the press immediately. Portland's not going to forget this. It's not going away on its own.

So make us understand. I'm prepared to believe Zach isn't a bad guy, but it would be nice to have some evidence on TV.

Eric Marentette has all the details. The Blazers have made an official statement, saying they'll conduct their own investigation.