More Chatter About Larry Brown Returning to the Pistons

As The Full-Court Press reports today, Scoop Jackson agreed with a reader and said in a chat that he too thought Larry Brown would be returning to the Pistons.

That'll never happen. I don't make a lot of predictions, but I'll make this one. First of all, it's just too complicated. But more importantly, Larry Brown didn't just piss off some Detroit players and fans. He pissed off the owner. This is from a WDIV TV interview, as reported by the Associated Press about a year ago.

Asked whether Brown's actions angered him, Davidson said: "I think a better word is peeved. You're certainly not happy when something like that happens."

Parting ways with Brown "was kind of easy," Davidson said. "There was too much Larry Brown and not enough Pistons. I wasn't happy with that. You've got to understand that whoever coaches the Pistons represents me. And I'm not going to give [the team and their fans] somebody that's not a good person."

Maybe Bill Davidson is over that, but to swallow that pride for the coach of the most under-achieving team in the league, whose health is still a problem? I just don't think there's any way that's going to happen.