Monday Mini- Bullets

  • It's shameful that the LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh trio does not yet have a nickname. We can fix this. Submit your suggestions to me on Twitter @TrueHoop and I'll blog about them soon.

  • Making sense of Toronto re-vamp, courtesy of Raptors Republic's Arsenalist: "Many in the Republic rightfully feel that the exit of Hedo Turkoglu has paved way for Jose Calderon to be a significant part of the team, and seeing him traded might make you fuzzy, sad and even bring out a little tear. I can see that and won’t judge you if that happens, because with the acquisition of Barbosa, Jack’s role is slightly marginalized since they have similar games. It would make sense to retain Calderon and trade Jack, but then again Colangelo appears to be in salary-dumping mode and Jack makes about $4M less than Calderon."

  • I had heard some some suggestion that Ben Wallace might be the kind of big man who would sign up with the Heat. Apparently not. How about Shavlik Randolph instead?

  • Insight into the Knicks' mysterious new 7-footer.

  • Kobe Bryant on video, talking to kids, saying that his main message is always the same, to "enjoy life." On LeBron James: "As a friend, I'm happy that he's happy." He also says his diet has gotten a lot better, and he "used to eat pizzas and junk food all day."

  • Mark Cuban's role model growing up: Richie Rich. Also love his reaction to being asked about courtside seats.