Workshopping a nickname for Miami's trio

A good nickname emerges organically over time, I heard.

That's partly true, but that's also partly what people who don't come up with nicknames think.

One way or another, some clever person has to dream it up, and other people have to nod, smile and repeat it.

There are a lot of clever people on the internet, so why not get that dreaming part out of the way?

First, a few thoughts about a good nickname for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. To me, it's no good to have some dorks online use the phrase a few times. That's not the victory we're looking for. I'm shopping for a real nickname, like one that Mike Breen is going to use on ABC, that the Heat's public address announcer will use in introductions and that your grandkids will one day learn. That means:

  • It has to be intuitive to everyone.

  • It has to be simple.

  • It has to be at least mostly positive.

It also means all those ideas that came with multi-paragraph explanations about ancient historical figures and the like are simply out. Breen ain't going there. And those mean-spirited ones will never cross the P.A. guy's lips.

This rules out some clever work. On Twitter @rudysabonis suggested an anagram of the three players' names: "Handsome-Jawed Lobbers." I also tip my cap to @aaronmanton who suggested "The Cartel" because, he says, it's "sneaky, underhanded and based in Miami."

"Riley's Angels," from Swayze51 is cool and all, but in the world of sports that kind of gender bending is unlikely to catch on.

Similarly, "Snap, crackle and pop" is fun to say, but nobody really knows what that means, right? (Different story if you had, say, a guy with a broken leg, a stoner and a dunk champ.)

There have also been a zillion attempts to mash the three names together (LeBoshAde is my own contribution to that dubious art) but I don't think any of them are really memorable.

Nevertheless, thanks to your contributions on Twitter and by e-mail, and some other suggestions, I see ten contenders at the moment. With my honest attempts at assigning appropriate credit, and in no particular order:

  • Superfriends (from sources too numerous to count)

  • Dreamworks (@filmingdocs)

  • Third-degree burn (from @Kastles1)

  • Ring of Fire (an Abbott original)

  • Heat Wave (ditto)

Matthew Bunch of Hot Hot Hoops has offered up a lot of suggestions people are voting on now. Some that struck me from his list:

  • Heat Stroke

  • Bermuda Triangle

  • Triple Crown

  • Three Kings

  • Beach Boys

What do you think? Just set up a little poll where you can vote for as many as you like, and add suggestions.