Thursday Bullets

  • In our little poll (background) trying to pick a name for the Miami Trio, "Other" is well ahead of "Superfriends." Personally, I'm falling for Triple Crown and Ring of Fire, with warm feelings for a new idea, the clever play on Miami's area code: "Trio Five." The problem with that one is that it means nothing at all unless you "get it."

  • When assessing summer-league production, consider that free throws are far easier to come by than they are in the regular season or playoffs. That means don't be surprised if the guys shooting a lot of free throws now have a harder time scoring in the NBA.

  • The Bobcats signed Shaun Livingston. Larry Brown has a knack for getting perimeter players to play very effective and aggressive defense. That could be important, because smart numbers suggest opposing point guards had a field day against him last season.

  • The five best, and worst, moments of Rod Thorn's time in New Jersey.

  • Trail Blazers director of NBA scouting Mike Born tells Benjamin Golliver of BlazersEdge about Wesley Matthews: "He has a chance to be a really good defender. You look at how he played in college and how he played this last year in Utah, we think he can be a really good defensive piece. Offensively, he's pretty solid there too. He averaged about 9 points during the regular season and then during the playoffs he was about 12.5 or 13 points total over the two series against Denver and the Lakers. I think he's just got a chance to be a piece to help us win a championship and ultimately that's why we decided to get after him. ... We do a lot of work on the guys that we're working out for the draft, free agency. We do intel work on those guys -- Andre Miller, Marcus Camby -- he's going to be a terrific fit for us. He's everything we're about. He's a great kid, a great worker, a great teammate. Really well liked. Obviously for him playing for the two coaches he's played for -- at Marquette and then playing for Coach Sloan -- that says a lot about him as a player and as a person. We think he's got a chance to be a really good player for us and to be a really good fit for our culture. I think people will really like him as a person as well."

  • John Krolik of Cavs: The Blog was the first person to tell current Cavalier Danny Green that Zydrunas Ilgauskas is joining the Heat. Talk about not sweating the small stuff. Then he talked to Byron Scott about Cleveland's promises to play up-tempo post-LeBron James: "When I asked Byron Scott why New Orleans didn’t play at a fast pace when he played there, he said they didn’t have enough athletic wings to make it work. Chris Paul was pushing the ball, but there was nobody there to run with him except for Tyson Chandler. With Cleveland, Scott thinks that wing players like Jamario Moon, Danny Green, and Eyenga will help the Cavs run, and that JJ Hickson will be a huge asset in the up-tempo game."

  • Jeremy from Roundball Mining Company on Al Harrington's five-year deal: "I have had 24 hours to cool off after hearing about this signing, but even a day later I stand by my assessment that this is the wrong player and the wrong contract for Denver. It is not an indictment of Harrington, who is undoubtedly a talented player, his addition simply fails to address the Nuggets’ largest shortcomings of interior defense and rebounding."

  • Mike Schmitz of Valley of the Suns quotes new Sun Josh Childress on his last game for Olympiacos: "So we go out to the floor and everybody’s coughing and their eyes are burning. Come to find out that the police had to shoot tear gas in the gym because the fans were so rowdy. So we’re on the floor, everybody’s hurting, their throat and everything so we had to go into the locker room for 20 minutes and wait for the arena to clear out a little bit. We get back out on the floor and we play the first half, five minutes into the second half a group of our fans, I’d probably say about six M80s, they kind of combined them into one and threw them at our rival teams bench. Their whole team was at halfcourt to kind of huddle up together and kind of protect each other and as soon as that happened they just started pelting them with everything you can think of. I mean, chunks of marble, they broke toilets in the arena. One guy I know said he got hit with a bottle of urine and crap. It’s just unbelievable man. It was unbelievable. That was the last game, so you can kind of imagine."

  • The case that the Sixers should keep Andre Iguodala.

  • For Ethan Sherwood Strauss of WarriorsWorld, it's not easy to say goodbye to Anthony Randolph: "Regardless of how you feel about Randolph, admit this: We deserved to find out. We deserved more minutes, more evaluation, more leeway, more flying blocks, more two-handed screaming-stuffs, more excitement in an otherwise dreary year. And we deserved another season, with a different coach. We deserved better. One of the most gratifying fan experiences is watching a player grow into his own. Perhaps it’s stupid to derive so much pleasure from this investment but I honestly love it. The analysis of a young player’s improvement is the best reason for following the sub .500 club. As human beings we should enjoy watching the young progress—it taps into a visceral parental urge. While I detest racial sports paternalism (As in, the stupid dress code and age requirement), hoping for growth is more than acceptable. There’s a vicarious thrill in watching an athlete grab hold of his talent. Randolph’s 'Eureka!' moments were adrenaline jolts. His unique skill set had drawn me in, the Nelson drama had me on the edge of my couch. Every Randolph outing was a head-jarring whoosh down a teetering rollercoaster."

  • On the other hand, perhaps some reason for optimism in the Bay Area.

  • Did the Cavaliers underperform in the playoffs with LeBron James? A statistical analysis shows that based on regular-season records, they would have been about 66 percent likely to win one title over those five playoff seasons.

  • Thoughts about the smartest approach to beat the Heat.

  • Four months into his NBA career, who thought J.J. Redick was going to make $19 million? You have to admire how he hung in there.

  • You know how NBA players spend forever sitting down in planes? Sitting down a lot, according to research, it increases your likelihood of heart disease even if you exercise a lot.