Monday Bullets

  • "As far as the East," Rajon Rondo reminds everybody, "we're still the champs."

  • John Wall on his 18-point third quarter.

  • A Chris Paul fan wondering how long until John Wall takes over the title of the NBA's best point guard. On the other hand, here's David Berri of Wages of Wins urging caution: "His physical skills suggest that he has a great deal of potential. But so far, that potential hasn’t translated into actual production. Wall was not particularly productive in college. And he wasn’t productive in summer league. Now it’s very important to emphasize what I am saying. I am not saying -- and I repeat, I am not saying -- that Wall will never be a great basketball player. What I am saying is that in college and summer league he was not a great basketball player (again, I am differentiating what Wall has done from what he might do in the future). And I am trying to emphasize that ignoring missed shots and turnovers paints a misleading picture of Wall’s actual performance. Missed shots and turnovers really matter in basketball."

  • Benny the Bull -- Chicago's mascot -- has been involved in another altercation. His amazing track record.

  • Blazer Brandon Roy says he still talks to departed general manager Kevin Pritchard, but trusts in his team's owner and president will share Roy's goals -- winning -- as they name a replacement. He also says his knee -- which was compromised in the playoffs -- is feeling fine.

  • Some are scratching their heads at how much Brad Miller will be making as a backup center in Houston, but as soon as I saw that move, one thing came to mind: Rick Adelman's passing offense. Through the Yao Ming injuries, roster shuffles and Aaron Brooks dribble-drives, it may be hard to remember that Adelman has coached all kinds of teams that featured big men as primary distributors. It works! It's an effective half-court solution, and a great way to get scorers like Aaron Brooks and Kevin Martin the ball where they can use it. Adelman knows Miller can do that for him, because he has done so before ...

  • Speaking of big men distributing the ball from the post, Greg Monroe could do that, if the Pistons are so inclined. (Watch!)

  • This video is 75 percent Kobe Bryant fallaway jumpers, and I wish it were 100 percent. Seeing them all together is really something.

  • Eddy Rivera of Magic Basketball: "The roster for the Orlando Magic is eerily similar to the one that lost to the Boston Celtics in the 2010 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. New additions like Chris Duhon and Quentin Richardson look to carve out their niches in the Magic’s rotation, while rookie Daniel Orton and maybe Stanley Robinson develop behind the scenes. Barring an unforeseen trade, one of the major storylines heading into the 2010-2011 season for Orlando will be a familiar one. Who will start at small forward for the Magic? Last year around this time, Matt Barnes signed as a free agent with Orlando and looked to compete for the starting small forward position with Mickael Pietrus. Pietrus, more or less, won the job at the start of the regular season because he was already familiar with head coach Stan Van Gundy's plays and schemes. However, many felt that Pietrus was better served coming off the bench for the Magic after he thrived in a sixth man role in the 2009 NBA Playoffs. As a few months passed, Barnes was inserted into the starting lineup because he, among other things, complemented the four All-Stars much better than Pietrus did and things took off for Orlando. Replace Barnes with Richardson and you have a similar story heading into training camp for the Magic like last off-season. Richardson signed with Orlando because he was going to get a chance to start at small forward. Should Richardson start? Yes, he should."

  • No one disputes Suns multi-talent benchwarmer Earl Clark has a ton of potential, as Kevin Arnovitz wrote before he was drafted, but if not in summer league, when will we get to see it?

  • Omar Samhan's going to Lithuania.

  • Remember the "Seven Seconds or Less" Suns? Steve Nash is the only guy still left on that team.