Evan Turner as Grant Hill 2.0?

Philadunkia's Tom Sunnergren caught up with second overall pick Evan Turner at a Sixers' beach event, and they got to talking about players Turner patterns himself after.

I asked him if there any other players in the game, past or present who he views as an analog for himself, that he patterns himself after?

“A lot of people say Brandon Roy, and he’s a great player, but…”

What about Grant Hill?

“Yes,” his eyes widened and he smiled, “I definitely see Grant Hill. People have been telling me that for a long time. I like the comparison. Coach Collins made me a highlight-tape of him playing in Detroit that I watch. I would love to have a career like his. I like his game a lot.”

This is very good news. Grant Hill, while not only having a very similar build and skill set as Turner, represents just about everything that is good about basketball. To quote a certain former-Sixers-coach, he plays the game the right way. He also played it, briefly, better than anybody else. He was the most productive player in basketball during the 1996-1997 season; a season during which he was coached by Doug Collins.