Bonzi Wells Gets an Offer from the Kings

Bonzi Wells nearly slayed the San Antonio Spurs a few weeks ago. He was incredible. And how he's no doubt looking for the highlight contract of his career. But it's unclear if he'll get it.

Sam Amick of the Sacramento Bee says an offer is on the table:

Kings president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie said he made an offer to Wells, the shooting guard who earned $8 million last season.

The offer -- which came on the first day in which free-agency negotiation could begin -- is believed to be for more than the midlevel exception of approximately $5 million, though the length of the offer is not known.

Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty reports that a contract offer slightly over the MLE would be a clever move--it means either the Kings would get Wells cheap, or they would get something in return:

Even though I do not support re-signing Bonzi long-term, I obviously think this is a smart move. The Kings have a few very specific needs, and keeping that offer over the mid-level exception ensures (almost) that Bonzi isn't getting away for only $5 million per year. So if Bonzi comes cheap, either the Kings get him, a previously uninterested team with cap space like Chicago or Atlanta gets involved, or a sign-and-trade gets worked out. This isn't a season the Kings want to watch a nice asset walk away for nothing. There's just nothing else out on the free agent market.

Why don't I support re-signing Bonzi, by the way? Two words: Kevin Martin.