Wednesday Bullets

  • Wayne Winston's power rankings show the U.S. and Turkey to be the top two teams at the World Championships. It would be a dream final, for the favorites and the home team to face off before an amazing crowd in Istanbul.

  • Racial stereotypes in NBA hoops, as discussed by Ben Polk of A Wolf Among Wolves: "If assists are resonantly among the stuff white people like, then what’s to be done about Magic Johnson or Chris Paul? If churlishness and trash-talk are thought to be in the classic 'black guy' repertoire, then how do we deal with Larry Bird? What about indulgently flashy guard play? I give you White Chocolate himself, Jason Williams. How do we deal with these intertwinings and contradictions? Can we even identify definitive notions of 'white' and 'black' playing styles without giving ourselves a headache?"

  • The Hawks will switch less on defense, which is probably a good thing, but could lead to foul trouble for the big men protecting the hoop.

  • In replacing Raymond Felton with D.J. Augustin and Shaun Livingston, the numbers suggest the Bobcats' defense -- the best in the NBA last year -- will not be as good.

  • There is not a lot worth noting from the U.S. game against Angola, however Derrick Rose's new 3-point form was on display as he made three of four.

  • What's wrong with the Spanish National team? Mainly, perhaps, that they're missing Pau Gasol.

  • The first article I have ever seen about an NFL team trying to figure out how to get out from under the shadow an NBA player.

  • After losing Elton Brand to the 76ers and then Blake Griffin to injury, can Baron Davis once again muster the enthusiasm to do what must be done in Clipperland? Breene Murphy breaks it down on ClipperBlog: "Baron must understand that he will not have the career that he set out to have, that he had the potential to have. I’m sure he imagined that by the time he was 31-years old, he would have more than two All-Star appearances and one Third Team All-NBA award, as well as more championships and playoff appearances. Maybe it’s Steve Lavin’s underachieving sheen that rubbed off on him in his lone year at UCLA. However, I think now he’s smart enough to know that he can re-invent himself. Why? The Clippers again have the feel of a team about to turn it around. Kaman’s coming off an All-Star season, Blake Griffin is healthy, Eric Gordon is stealing the show from everyone on Team USA not named Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan is one more year improved, Aminu/Bledsoe/Warren represent a bumper crop of Clipper talent, and the coaching staff, Del Negro and Iavaroni, stylistically match Baron and the team."

  • Watching Yi Jianlian very closely in international play, and feeling like the Wizards may have gotten a steal.

  • No person is perfect, and I'm sure there will be days Dwight Howard disappoints on and off the court. But some actions are just about perfect, including this special thing Howard did in spending hours with one of his biggest fans who has inoperable cancer.

  • Huge congratulations to classy guy Adonal Foyle on his new front office job with the Orlando Magic. David Thorpe had a great suggestion. If he ran the Magic, he'd tell Foyle it was his job to have dinner with one or two Magic players every single night for the next four months, just to let him establish communication and be a role model.

  • This is how you draw LeBron James.

  • What's Kevin Pritchard doing, and why isn't he running the 76ers?