When golf clubs meet basketballs

A little while ago, TrueHoop departed from its normal, family friendly approach to basketball to talk about shafts for a thousand words or so.

The occasion was a YouTube video showing a guy hitting a basketball into the hoop with a golf club. Seemed neato and all that, until some loudmouth TrueHoop readers insisted the whole thing was obviously fake, as narrow little golf clubs can't handle the stress of slamming into a big thing like a basketball.

And so we did some very serious scholarly research (mostly, reprinting e-mail from some guy who claimed he grew up whacking a Pizza Hut ball all over the neighborhood with his dad's clubs). We also heard from John Jones, the Ohio teenager in the video. He couldn't have been nicer in questioning our need to question his game.

Anyway, after all that dogged research, my conclusion is that the first one was, in fact, totally real.

And now, Jones is back with a new golf/hoops video, only this time he's hitting it much farther. He's a nice, polite young man, as we have established. I think this may be his brand of trash talk to the doubters.