Tuesday Bullets

  • Boston fans: I just ran across this summer league video (vs. Toronto) that will make you feel really good about Sebastian Telfair.

  • J.R. Smith can shoot, is young, long, and super-athletic. So one can only assume he has had personality problems. Why else would he be FedExed all over the league (reportedly now to Denver) after a major falling out with a coach? For what it's worth, this article makes him sound like a great guy. He was a no-show at the Rucker.

  • There's a weird thing happening in Portland. It seems like some of the broadcasters (Mike Barrett, Brian Wheeler) the apparent new bossman (Kevin Pritchard) and the center (Joel Przybilla) are... buddies. It's mentioned a little here, and extensively towards the end of this podcast, and this one too. I'm used to acrimony from this team. The lovefest thing feels a little funny, but I'm willing to go with it. (At least someone's a little pissed off. Thank you, Ian Furness.)

  • The Wizards got a little tougher with Darius Songaila. Adrian Griffin is headed to Chicago. Paul Pierce is extended in Boston.

  • Carlos Delfino on the block?

  • Rod Thorn tells David Friedman about great players: “Up to this point, I think that the best all-around player has been Michael Jordan. When you compare Michael to Julius, Julius was a better rebounder. As defenders, both of them were top flight. Michael was a better shooter. Athletically, they were both in the top one percent. But I just think that because of everything that he did in the NBA and the way that his career went, I think that Jordan, to me, is the best player. There has never been a 21-year old player as good as LeBron James. He is the best ever. I mean, his all-around game, his great quickness, his explosiveness off of the dribble, his understanding of the game, his sight of the floor --there has never been a 21-year old like him. He has a chance to be one of the all-time great players before his career is finished.”

  • Things to do while waiting for news of a possible Allen Iverson trade.

  • As a follow-up to yesterday's story on NBA groupies, J.A. Adande encountered some at the ESPYs.

  • Chris Clarke points out that the NBA is apparently selling hooch, with no apparent restriction of sales to minors, complete with this preachy PR message: "the WNBA creates programs that help to inspire people of all ages with a special emphasis on promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, raising awareness for women’s health issues, and providing educational resources for kids, families and community organizations." So buy some upmarket champagne already!

  • Haggling over a stadium in Sacramento. The NBA is involved in what at least one reporter, at least, calls a "last-ditch" effort.