A Sonics fan to Kings fans

Beckley Mason of Hoopspeak took one whiff of the way the stadium conversation is going in Sacramento, and penned a letter to Kings fans. He's a Sonics fan. It's worth reading the whole thing, but here is a sampling:

I haven’t been following the stadium issues your community has faced in recent years, but as the situation grows dire, let me lend you some hard earned advice: pray.

It may not be what you want to hear, but the reality is there’s little else you can do. Trust me, I’m speaking from my own surreal experience of staring slack-jawed as the Sonics fled town trailing the bloody entrails of Seattle’s most loyal fan base.

Although relocation now feels like a faint possibility, it’s more like a train whose headlight is only now rounding into view. Sooner or later you’re bound to notice that you’re tied to the tracks. If you get rescued, it won’t be because you wriggled out of your ropes. You have nearly zero agency in keeping your team -- you know, unless you can elect public officials for whom a relatively poor economic investment is a top priority.

The NBA does. not. care. Ok, so maybe the NBA cares a little bit about fans (and charity and China), but only in so far as any good business cares about cultivating customers. To NBA Corp, your memories of Mike Bibby’s fearless performances and Chris Webber’s terrified “performances” aren’t worth the Ahmad Rashad-studded Inside Stuff tapes on which their legends live. ...

Enjoy the Kings as much as you can this season. Because the sad truth is that whether the Kings stay or go won’t be decided by your love or devotion to the franchise or even the NBA. It will depend on higher powers.

Good luck, and may David Stern have mercy upon your souls.