Partying with Mike James in Minnesota

I Heart KG's Lil Dice spent quality time chatting one-on-one with Mike James. He was dressed perfectly for the occasion, and right on time.

The flier said the event started at 9pm and urged you to get there early. We got there at 10:30pm or so to a crowd of 30 people, none of whom was Mike James. Of those people, about 7 knew who the player was and only 3 of them were at the club to meet him.

After sitting there for a couple hours drinking expensive drinks, seeing a bouncer get punched in the face, enduring forced conversation with a self-proclaimed psychic, and being told by the worried looking promoters from the moment we got there that "he was on his way", James rolled in around 12:30am.

The press release on the site made sure to mention that there was a "strict dress code" of no hats and no white sneakers. James walked in wearing a Yankees cap and pristine white sneakers...