Nut Punching 101 with Bill Walton

Remember how the NBA endured a baffling series of testicular abuse incidents a few months ago? We were all wondering where that came from.

Here's Gregg Popovich at the time: "This was a punch, he took his fist and punched him in the groin. Nobody would condone that, nobody's going to teach that."

Well, Gregg, you might want to check out the new website called SportsKool that has video of sports instruction. The featured basketball video of today is Bill Walton on setting screens. Protecting the groin is on the agenda. And what if someone sets a screen on you but doesn't protect their groin? Walton is pretty clear that the groin is fair game.

"A quick low arm to the groin area, that gets 'em every single time," Walton says while giving a big thumbs up.