Wednesday Bullets

  • NBA players blog from Seeds of Peace. LaMarcus Aldridge gets it, wants to go to Israel, and tells us that the campers wrote them a song about being tall called "I Can Only See the Knees." Mark Murphy was there, too, and writes a nice report.

  • Yao Ming asks you join him in declining to eat shark fin soup.

  • The NBA changes the playoff seeding system.

  • Sergei Monia back to Russia.

  • Charley Rosen can't stop with the lists! This one is the most influential players of all time. No one since Michael Jordan. Julius Erving only gets honorable mention. No Larry Bird.

  • MiamiSportsDude reviews the NBA Championship DVD that's hot off the presses: "My favorite vignette is Udonis Haslem: Exceeding Expectations. I’m biased about this because The Crushernaut is my favorite Heat player. His whole piece is summed up with what he calls his approach to the game: a “Grind It Out, Hustlin’ Style.” More than any other vignette, this piece brings home the essence of the player. He goes back to his neighborhood park and talks about his struggles growing up in Miami and his rise as a basketball star for Miami Senior and his eventual college career in Florida. He also speaks of his inspiration, his eldest brother who guided him in his youth and who, sadly, passed away while Udonis was still in college. The piece is like Udonis himself – deep, heartfelt and introspective. I love Udonis. This piece got me all misty eyed. I won’t lie."

  • Traveling team to showcase the skills of five year olds. Brian McCormick: "Five year olds do not have the spatial awareness or balance to play basketball and lack the upper body strength to pass or shoot. These kids would be better served doing martial arts, swimming or just running around chasing other kids."

  • Maybe the Sonics need a good PR firm. SonicsCentral: "Last week KIRO 7 News ran a special segment relating to the arena issue. They closed the segment by interviewing a young man playing basketball at Greenlake. He commented that the city could not afford the Sonics and that he didn’t care if they left. It was ironically symbolic of the current lack of public awareness that this young man was interviewed and playing on a court provide by the Sonics and Storm Team Foundation several years earlier. It is up to both the organization and fans of the team to ensure that he, and the rest of the public, understand what these teams do behind the scenes and just what they are giving up with their lack of support."

  • Here's one Laker fan who is not sad to see Devean George go.

  • If you are ever going to understand the legal issues dividing the ownership in Atlanta, it will have to start with reading this.

  • Chris Sheridan, making friends.

  • Frand Deford laments the loss of yet another thing: training camp.

  • James Dolan is added to Anucha Browne Sanders' lawsuit against Isiah Thomas. Thomas Zambito reports. One favorite detail: "The lawsuit also alleges Dolan had her create a job for Vernon Manuel, who was dating Dolan's daughter and had worked as his landscaper. While employed by the team, Manuel forged his manager's signature several times, stole from the company and 'acted in a hostile and aggressive manner with many women on the staff, including Browne Sanders,' the lawsuit alleges."