Nate McMillan: Blazers Building Around Zach Randolph

The Portland coach tells Peter May of the Boston Globe that Portland didn't trade Sebastian Telfair because there was something wrong with him. They traded him because he was an up-tempo player, and any team that stars Zach Randolph is destined not to be.

`We had to make a decision," said McMillan. ``In our minds, Sebastian was the future, but did the combination of Sebastian and Zach Randolph work? And do the players we have fit the style of play that Sebastian brings to the floor? They don't."

With all the teams that hope to run these days, the Trail Blazers are looking to go in the other direction. Because of Randolph, a monster in the low post, they have opted to slow it down and become more of a halfcourt team. (In truth, most teams that say they want to run end up being halfcourt teams, for a variety of reasons, from lack of rebounding to lack of commitment to the running game.)

``Sebastian is a Ferrari and Zach is an 18-wheeler," McMillan said. ``And that Ferrari is running while the 18-wheeler is saying, `Hold up.' Even though they were two young guys and the core of our group, it really wasn't working. We had to make a decision: build around Sebastian or build around Zach. And the decision was to build around Zach."

A lot of people have been suggesting the Blazers would be happy to be rid of Randolph, but this certainly seems to suggest otherwise.