Dr. J Invented Pac-Man: The Fake History of Video Games

My college roommate, Ben Weber, has recently gotten into video blogging mini-mockumentaries. I'm biased, but I think it's inarguable that he is fantastically funny and talented (and has been in a whole bunch of stuff).

(He's such a great guy, in fact, that I have totally gotten over a clear breach of roommate etiquette from, oh, say 1994. A photographer came over to shoot some headshots while I was out. When the contact sheets came back a week or so after the shoot, they were great. There was Ben making a funny face. There was Ben on the roof. And there was Ben... standing on my unmade bed? On my pillow? In his grubby Chuck Taylors? That's cool, I'm not squeamish or anything. And best of all, I never carry grudges.)

More of his video blogging work here.