The Best Years of Ronny Turiaf's Life

In the current Sports Illustrated, Alan Shipnuck has a great article about the French national team, which features three NBA players I can really root for: Boris Diaw, Tony Parker, and Ronny Turiaf. Turns out they know each other well. Very well.

Shipnuck puts it in perspective with a fantastic line from Turiaf.

Parker and Diaw have been the backbone of assorted French teams since they were 15. That's how old they were when they were assigned to the same room at Institut National du Sport et de l'Education Physique (INSEP), a sporting academy in Paris for the country's best athletes. Turiaf lived just down the hall, and the three of them spent as much time running around Paris as they did running the fast break. "Picture three teenagers in the big city, with no parents," says Turiaf. "There are many, many stories to tell, but none for your magazine. What I can say is that those were the three best years of my life."

By the way, the team did some bonding by doing one of my favorite things: climbing up the rocks to jump off a little cliff into clear, cool water. That's good living.