The URLs That Got Away

August, 17, 2006
Of course, the NBA is very proud of its web presence. is one of the busiest websites in the world, and the league was early to many web marketing ideas.

But there are some chinks in the league's web marketing armor! And, for your slow-news-day summer viewing pleasure, I have listed them all here. There are URLs of team names that the league and teams were not able to secure.

  • " celebrates independent thinkers who are shaping today's world," and has a bunch of cornball ads pimping NBA gear and tickets. This has to piss off Mark Cuban.
  • All it says is: " coming soon." Somehow, I bet it'd be coming a lot faster if the team would double its offer to buy the URL, if you know what I mean.
  • is a fantastically dorky web dungeon of ogres, elves, dragons and the like. Score one for the nerds: they got this site from the jocks, and they're not letting it go. Plus, in the big scheme, think about: who deserves the word "Wizards" more, the jocks or the D&D crowd? Erin pointed out this marvelous website to me this morning, which touched off my whole little study.
  • is not associated with the NBA team. Here are some bobcat facts from the homepage of "All cats tend to a life-style of relative inactivity which is interrupted primarily by the search for food. Cats often sleep 18 hours a day and only stir to appease hunger. All cats by nature are clean and generally need little training to use a litter box."
  • If you want dial up internet access in New Mexico, they got you covered.

  • Some kind of link farm deal. A waste of internet space.
  • doesn't exist. That's kind of appropriate, because a lot of people think magic doesn't exist either. Ahh, but they haven't seen this.
  • Something there is broken, or someone really intended the welcoming message to be "<%@include file="/inc/header.jsp"%> <% String role_user =" Even in Oklahoma, that's not good marketing.



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