Anthony Tolliver stops and pops

Jonah Ballow of the Timberwolves' official website has an NBA love story, starring Anthony Tolliver:

Tolliver grabbed the team photographer and videographer to stage a photo shoot with his girlfriend, Jessica Svoboda, who was in town from Houston. Jessica was under the assumption that she was going to take professional photos at Loring Park and then at the practice facility with the two posing in Wolves uniforms. All along, Tolliver planned on surprising his future fiancée while documenting the entire event.

While Tolliver changed his wardrobe at the practice facility, Jessica expressed happiness for her boyfriend of five years. She has stood by his side since the two walked the Creighton campus side-by-side. As Jessica recounted the stops in the D-League, fighting for a roster spot in San Antonio and Golden State, she took a deep breath and said, “It’s been a long journey.”

Tolliver slipped on his No. 44 jersey and grabbed a box for Jessica with her own custom uniform inside. Almost simultaneously, Jessica saw the description on the back of the jersey, labeled, “Mrs. Tolliver” and Anthony dropped to one knee for the proposal. A mixture of laughter and tears ensued and the Tolliver’s embraced directly under the basketball hoop where Anthony spends countless hours perfecting his craft.

“I wasn’t nervous until about five minutes before I proposed,” Tolliver stated with an ear-to-ear smile after the emotional moment.