Rockin' Steady

In 1974, Walt Frazier and Ira Berkow collaborated on a book called "Rockin' Steady: A Guide to Basketball & Cool." It has been updated and re-released.

Is it cool?

Let me help to answer that question by telling you that the first time I opened it it fell open randomly to an illustrated section about how to catch a fly with your bare hand:

Most people grab straight for the fly. That's wrong. You have to sort of curl your hand backward and slowly circle the fly. Then you come around in front of him. You have to be careful and patient, then move your hand forward and he'll fly right into your palm.

Catching a fly when he's in midair [takes] amazing hand quickness. But I seldom perform these feats anymore. Like I said, my reputation's out. Flies won't come within 10 feet of me anymore.

The next page I found was a list of all the clothes Frazier owned at the time the book was originally written. It's just a list, but it's a great read, and includes:

  • Pockets in pants, none. (Once I didn't have pockets for use anywhere on my suit. It was a trip getting used to. I bounced around with my money in a Puma bag and carried it over my shoulder. When I was really steppin' out, I'd give the money to the girl I was with; but that's risky. That's why I have inside pockets made in my jackets now.)

  • Maroon cords with UFO patch on backside.

  • 2 orgy belts, one white with brown and black figures; one black with white and brown figures.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to remove the pockets from all my pants.