Thursday Bullets

  • Joe Posnanski blogs: "The Miami Heat are boring. I didn't expect that. When LeBron James announced that he would join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, I did not know exactly what to expect but I expected something electrifying. Maybe the Heat would be great, a new kind of superpower, designed by three players who decided it might be kinda fun to get together and change the world. Maybe the Heat would spectacularly crash into itself like a black hole of egos. Maybe the Heat would come together to give us a kind of basketball we only see in the rarest of moments, like when Michael Jordan's Bulls were at their height or when the various Dream Teams played at their most inspired. The possibilities seemed endless. And, I don't know, for me, the possibilities no longer seem endless. The Heat play boring basketball. They win games in boring fashion and lose them in boring ways. They have no inside presence. They do not move the ball around well. They generally beat bad teams. They generally lose to good ones. They play pretty well at home. They play pretty lousy on the road. They may yet come together, but I don't think it's inevitable, and I don't think it's even likely. James and Wade are great players, two of the five best in the world, and the expectation is that they would make magic together. But it turns out they are the same kind of player, and when they are on the floor together the result is less magic and more like a dance-off."

  • As you watch Russell Westbrook score all 13 of his team's points in the third overtime, on the day after John Hollinger declared Westbrook the Thunder player who looks most like an MVP candidate so far, did part of you wonder if maybe one day Westbrook and Kevin Durant would have trouble co-leading a team?

  • It's all Juwan Howard's fault.

  • A massive catalog of things people have written about LeBron James over the last several months.

  • Referees for Heat at Cavaliers: Greg Willard, Kane Fitzgerald, Zach Zarba. That might not seem like it matters, but in a few hours it could matter tremendously.

  • The Lakers were winning in Houston with six minutes left, then everything went haywire. Over those last six minutes, know how many times Pau Gasol touched the ball? I went back and counted. Four total touches, mostly on the perimeter. One shot.

  • John Krolik of Cavs: The Blog: "You asked the city of Cleveland, and the national public, what you should do. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but you know what I want you to do? Win. I want to see you become the player you’re capable of becoming. I want to see you integrate yourself with Wade and Bosh instead of being frustrated that they won’t adapt to your game. I want to see you MOVE WITHOUT THE FREAKING BALL. I want to see you attack the basket the way you did in Cleveland instead of deferring and trying to prove a point. I want you to prove that you can be a team player instead of just being a franchise player. I want you to prove that even though you left the Cavs in the wrong manner, you left for the right reasons."

  • The Cavaliers didn't build a title winner around LeBron James. That's what I and many others have said, and M. Haubs of the Painted Area thinks it's not true.

  • As Cleveland fans contemplate their relationship with LeBron James, Seattle fans think about Kevin Durant and the Thunder.

  • A nice little video about how the Pacers beat the Heat recently. Cavaliers, take note.

  • Joe Johnson is having surgery, and the tricky news is that the Hawks, suggests Bret Lagree of Hoopinion, will be just fine: "The Hawks have won without Johnson before. Even in the heyday of iso-Joe and prior to the full blossoming of Al Horford we've witnessed this season, the Hawks went 2-0 (both on the road) without Johnson in 2008-09 and 2-3 (four of five games on the road) without him in 2009-10 not counting the dead rubbers he sat out at the end of each of the past two seasons. The good news is that the Hawks should survive without Johnson. It could be argued they won't miss even him. The bad news is that, should the latter be true, and the Hawks perform as the same mid- to high-40s win team they appeared to be with Johnson over the first 22% of this season, the questions as to why 23.7% of this season's salary spending, 28.1% of this season's cap space, and another $107,333.589 is going to a player fairly peripheral to the team's success at this point in time will only increase."

  • The ten-minute highlight video, on the theme of home, that the Cavaliers showed LeBron James back when they were wooing him in free agency.

  • About as high as you'll ever see anyone reach in an NBA game. It's actually stunning and beautiful, so long as you're not Luol Deng.

  • Joe Gerrity of Hornets247 on some of the reasons the Hornets are having attendance issues: "It’s said that this is a football town, but the truth is that it’s more of a music town than anything. On Wednesday night there were 48 different live music acts listed on the WWOZ (best radio station ever). Insane Clown Posse was less than a mile away from the Arena, and they were listed as starting at 7 p.m. Oh, this was a Wednesday night."

  • J.A. Adande on Twitter: "Sad but true: If LeBron had a DUI + assault charge this summer but stayed w/Cavs there'd be 19,000 cheering him tonight."