Blazer Blogger Now Working for Kobe Bryant

Casey Holdahl has officially replaced Eric Marentette at Oregonlive, and has now spilled the beans about why it is Marentette has left the building.

Eric has gone to work, in Los Angeles ... for Kobe Bryant. KB is starting up his own company to market himself, since there's currently a severe lack of Kobe-related products and information, and he's hired away Eric to head up his new website, which supposedly will have something to do with Kobe's number change. Eric will be working hands-on, with Kobe Bryant, on all things Kobe Bryant.

Let me say that I've very happy for Eric, as it's a great opportunity for him, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt a little. Granted, Kobe is the best player on the face of the Earth, and probably quite charming in person, but for some reason, that doesn't stop me from hating him. The Lakers have already stolen so many things from me; pride, sobriety, the 2000 Western Conference Finals, so I guess I should be accustomed to it, but I'm not. Did Kobe have to steal away the most prolific provider of Blazer information on the Internet? Is it possible that Kobe hates Portland so much that he wants to take away one of the few bright points in an otherwise dark Blazer fans' existence? It's probably got more to do with the fact that Eric is a heck of a guy and a hard worker to boot, but still.

So now you know. I would ask that you still think kindly of Eric, as any one of you would no doubt throw your mother under a burning garbage truck to have the chance to work with one of the most recognizable people on the planet. Let's remember Eric as the journalist and Blazer fan that we all came to know and trust, not the Eric that has been incorporated by the devil in purple and gold.