Serbian Basketball Fans Clash With Police

This past June, in the Serbia and Montenegro league finals, the second game of the series was awarded to Partizan (Vlade Divac's longtime club) after fans of their opponent, Crvena Zvezda, clashed with police. EuroLeague.net described the situation at the time:

Partizan took a 2-0 lead in the Serbia and Montenegro League finals by beating Crvena Zvezda amid controversy on Thursday as Game 2 had to be stopped with almost a full quarter left to play following confrontations between fans and police. Due to the incidents, on the morning after the game, the Basketball Federation of Serbia and Montenegro awarded Partizan a 20-0 victory and decreed that the rest of the series must be played without fans, although media will be present and the games will be televised. Crvena Zvezda had left the court with 9:40 to go in the final period of Game 2, when Partizan was leading 63-56. A fight between police and C. Zvezda fans forced the game to be stopped for 45 minutes. Once most of the fans had left Pionir Arena, the Serbia and Montenegro League commissioner Predrag Bojic and game officer Nenad Subotic agreed that the game could resume and gave C. Zvezda 10 minutes to return to court. C. Zvezda never came back and the game was declared over.

But what was the dispute between the fans and the police about? I honestly don't know. But yesterday someone called Dimsung recently posted video of the melee. (Longer video.) Looks like a big mess. Very glad not to have been there, and it makes Auburn Hills look like child's play. Dimsung provides this accompanying description:

This pathetic police force is hurt by the names they are being called and proceed to break the bones of the fans who called them the names.

These are Crvena Zvezda (Red Star Belgrade) fans who are taking the bulk of the beatings while being supported by the booing of Partizan (Belgrade) fans towards the police. These boos are accompanied by the chant "Idite na Kosovo" (Go to Kosovo). This chant is fitting, it's obvious that these police officers are starved for action, so why not protect the Serbian civilians who are being gunned down and slaughtered every day by Albanians in the Serbian Province, Kosovo?

In protest against the officers the Partizan fans emptied their stands on the south end of the stadium and took the fight to the officers outside of the arena, alongside the Zvezda fans.