In a Sports Bar in Argentina

Today I seem to be linking to a lot of things that aren't all that new. This, from June 20, takes the cake. (But with cake that old, who wants it?)

At Slate, Robert Weintraub recently took the temperature of Argentine basketball fans, who are widely reported to be in the throes of Manu Ginobili mania.

Despite the constant spotlight, it seems like Manu-mania hasn't been embraced by all Argentines. Ginobili is from Bahía Blanca, several hours to the south of Buenos Aires. As one local explained it to me, "There is no reason to get very excited. [Ginobili] plays a game best suited to freaks." Maybe there's some back story that I don't know about, because when I entered the World Sports Cafe, the maitre d' offered an unsolicited opinion of the Spurs guard "He is a son of a bitch" punctuated with some classic obscene hand gestures.