The Demise of Summer Basketball Camps?

Word from Andy Katz is that adidas, Nike, and possibly Sonny Vaccaro may stop running their summer meat markets basketball camps.

During Tuesday's mega basketball summit meeting in Indianapolis with the NCAA, NBA, USA Basketball, NABC, AAU, High School, Nike and Adidas, Martin Brewer, Adidas' director of sports marketing for the U.S., announced that Adidas wouldn't run its elite camp the first week of July in suburban Atlanta, multiple sources told ESPN.com on Wednesday.

Upon Brewer making that announcement, Nike's representative, George Raveling, said that the giant sneaker firm may follow suit, according to sources. Multiple sources told ESPN.com that Nike is leaning in that direction as well to go away from holding the all-American camp in Indianapolis.

An official announcement could be coming soon from both camps.

Meanwhile, this may put pressure on Sonny Vaccaro, who owns and runs the Reebok-sponsored ABCD camp in Teaneck, N.J., to shut down as well.

That's real change. This development issue is for real.