Monday Bullets

  • Know how many days of rest (when he wasn't filming a commercial, playing for the national team, or signing a contract extension) Dwyane Wade got this summer? One.

  • The top five moves of the off-season, from a bettor's perspective. I totally agree that T.J. Ford belongs on this list.

  • There is a knee-jerk tendency to think the Heat have made a mistake by not adding any youth this off-season, which might extend their window of opportunity to win a title. But they didn't change a thing, and Mitch Kupchak puts that in perspective for Ira Winderman: "A lot of franchises," he says, "they never actually have a window to win a championship." Message being: if Miami's window is still open now, they're in good shape. R.C. Buford, Pat Riley, and Dwyane Wade all chime in supporting roster consistency.

  • Report: Michael Heisley has agreed to sell his chunk of the Grizzlies to an outside investor. The minority owners have thirty days to match the offer, so, likely for the next month, no one knows who will own the Grizzlies. If the outside owner takes over, Jerry West is likely out of a job in a cost-cutting move. More to come later today.

  • Rick Karcher on Sports Law Blog says legal precedent dictates David Stern has to give Larry Brown all or nothing, not something in between: "A proper legal analysis here does not allow for an in-between award. IF you determine that Brown was terminated without cause, the Knicks will attempt to argue that they have been monetarily damaged as a result of Brown's criticism of players, roadside interviews and attempting to make unauthorized trades, and that the $40 million owed should be offset by the damages flowing therefrom. But the only way the Knicks could possibly be entitled to any damages as a result of these breaches would be if the Knicks asserted claims for these breaches BEFORE terminating Brown. Instead, the Knicks decided to terminate Brown, and, if they did not have the right to do so, they materially breached and are not entitled to any damages."

  • Did you notice that Gregg Popovich was called into those Larry Brown hearings in New York too? Speculation from Howard Beck: "It was not clear whether he was summoned by Brown or by the Knicks. Team officials have accused Brown of trying to broker trades last season, and it is possible that Popovich — a longtime friend — was involved in one of those discussions."

  • Basketbawful: Still plenty of reasons to hate Tony Parker.

  • NBA Blog Previews. It's big, it's bad, it's lots of bloggers previewing their teams. Thirty teams in thirty days. One of these days I'll be doing a Blazer preview.

  • Remember when the Lakers got mad at Shaquille O'Neal for waiting all summer to have surgery he couuld have had in June? Then he missed a bunch of training camp, and had to work to get in shape during the season. Well, Phil Jackson is having his hip replacement surgery now, and will miss much or all of training camp. Not suggesting for one second it was intentional. Just ironic, that's all.

  • Mark Cuban to people posting things on YouTube: "Thats right sports fans. If they know who you are, and you post something that doesnt belong to you, they might have to give you up. And if you are are the guy/girl that posts the NFL, Daily Show, Letterman highlights every night, and any of the owners of those items decide they dont want to be on youtube, then there is a good chance that your days on youtube are numbered." He also uses the phrase "more prevalent than even Dwayne Wade free throws in the finals."

  • Steve Kerr: "I think that Denver is in for a fall this year. I didn't like the way the Nuggets folded last season, losing eight of their last 12 and then getting bullied by the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the playoffs. I don't like Denver's chemistry, and its roster doesn't fit together. The Nuggets have no real post-up players among the bigs, and they have very poor three-point shooting."

  • New Orlando arena news with fancy graphics.

  • Those new cardiac tests the whole NBA does now? The Mavericks started it.

  • Video of a Chauncey Billups game winner.

  • Donnell Alexander has been rolling (on the little donut tire) with Ron Artest: "Ron Artest had agreed to meet me and Max, the photographer at 10 am on Sunday. Now, I’m lost in Sacramento once you talk north of Arden Fair Mall, so you know I was lost when I tried making sense of the John Doolittle country address sent to me by Ron’s label publicist. What did I expect of Ron? It’s sort of hard to say. Dude and I had met back in, I think, the spring of 1998, when I was toiling for that sports magazine. Maybe that’s why he was so cordial up in the main room of his beautiful, expansive home. More likely though is that Ron’s just an overall cool muhfucka. His kids are extremely cute and funny and his wife is hecka nice." He also has praise for the Artest album.

  • Piston Trainer Arnie Kander is the keeper of the secret remedies.

  • The Hornets are offering cash to the Oklahoma City Council as part of their relocation arrangement from last year, which called for profits over a certain amount to be shared.