Suns Training Camp Webcast

It's nuts. They have hours and hours of webcasts going already, and they haven't even played a game yet. I just watched almost two hours of web coverage from media day on Suns.com. Here are some things that caught my eye:

  • Mike D'Antoni doesn't believe you can play well when you're playing just ten minutes or so a game. He is frank that he will never play a lot of guys. He will, essentially, play someone 25-plus minutes per game, or none.

  • Laurel D'Antoni, Mike's wife, says that after Italian teams play a game, the fans, coaches, and players all go out in the street and party with live music and drinks. In some ways, we are so behind the European way of playing basketball.

  • Sean Marks and Marcus Banks will be blogging from Italy, they say.

  • There is much talk about the new ball, and no one has anything good to say about it. Pat Burke scoffs at the league's stated reason for the new balls (the old ones didn't have uniformity of color, texture, or grip, reportedly). "Hopefully [the new ball] will alleviate the problem that wasn't there," says Burke. No one has the stones to suggest that the main reason for the new ball might be to sell more new balls. Vinnie Del Negro, who now works in the front office, actually theorizes that the Suns' fast break could be slowed by the new ball being slower through the net.

  • The Suns have a presenting sponsor for the first time ever, and it's a casino. Wow. Really? The NBA is OK with that? OK, then, mark your calendars. There's going to be an NBA team in Las Vegas withint three years.

  • Crisis in Phoenix: James Jones and Jumaine Jones. See what I'm getting at? What are they going to put on the back of those uniforms to distinguish these guys? James says back in Indianapolis he and Fred Jones were both just "Jones." Makes sense to me. Jumaine suggests the first two letters of their first names on the back. OK, Ju Jones. Whatever you say.

  • Eric Piatkowski is a workout maniac.