The geek after party

A while ago, for no good reason other than it seemed to bring the universe into more perfect alignment, we declared that Jumbling Towers -- a fantastic St. Louis foursome who happen to be really into hoops -- was TrueHoop's official house band. (If you have never heard them, click that link to find all kinds of goodness. My personal favorite.)

In any case, we kept talking to the Jumbling Towers people, and eventually settled on the idea that as they are one heck of a professional rock and roll outfit, and super into hoops, they really ought to play in Boston after the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (also known as Dorkapalooza), where they are badly needed.

The annual pattern is that the conference ends and all these basketball people -- GMs, agents, writers, bloggers, the works -- end up lingering over dinner talking until the polite waitstaff is forced to make gentle inquiries about when the hell we plan to get out of there. Then we pay, get up, walk out, and talk some while putting on jackets in the entrance, and then even more outside.

There's kind of the feeling that if we had somewhere to go, we would. But we're mostly from out of town and don't want to spend forever drifting around trying to find a good spot, so we head back to various hotels.

Every year I think to myself: It'd be good to know of something fun to do in Boston that night.

Since Kevin Arnovitz introduced us to Jumbling Towers, and since talking to bassist Nate Drexler (first name and last name are both NBA-friendly) it became clear that we would not find any more perfectly hoops-obsessed band.

They're not from Boston, or anywhere close, but as it happens they are making the trip to New York that week to record an album with some fancypants producer, and they have agreed to a foray north to play before the stat geeks, front office people, media and bloggers at the fine-looking Church of Boston at midnight on March 5. If you'd care to join us, you can buy tickets right here. Think of it as the Stat Geek After Party. Not too spendy, either. Hope to see you there.