Monday Bullets

  • No big shocker: Las Vegas wins the FIBA Americas championship.

  • Great article about North Korea leader Kim Jong Il's love of the NBA. An autographed Michael Jordan ball from a Madeliene Albright delegation has pride of place in a national museum. He has interrupted major national affairs to watch Cavs-Bulls games. A serious consideration in thawing relations with one of the globe's more nuclear maniacs is that a bunch of basketball coaches might head over there to run a clinic. If David Thorpe can teach the dictator a mean jab step, maybe we can peacefully reunify Korea. Via Detroit Bad Boys.

  • I'm with Wizznutzz: who can keep up with all the great Gilbert Arenas coverage these days? What better story is there in the NBA right now? Mike Wise blows the roof off the dump with the real story: living in the back of a coupe behind a drug store in Hollywood, watching his dad play softball with Pat Moriarty, and never even meeting his mom until one day in the layup line at Golden State.

  • Ryan from HoopsAddict has launched a magazine. A real magazine, like one on paper and everything. You can check it out online. I gave them a little William Wesley article, and they made it all pretty. Nice going. Click around.

  • Pistons, including Tayshaun Prince and Rasheed Wallace, become real life bobbleheads for breast cancer. It really is much more bizarre than I'm making it sound.

  • They are trying to kill us with that stadium food. But Kevin from ClipperBlog is not going to take it. He has been staring down security guards as part of his fresh-produce-into-Staples Center smuggling operation.

  • Mark Cuban is clear that he has done a lot for the NBA. Is vague that the NBA hasn't done something for him. And now makes clear that he won't do as much for the NBA anymore. Step one is canceling his planned radio show on Sirius. Anybody know what happened?

  • Much has been made of the fact that Red Auerbach traded two fantastic players--Ed Macauley and Cliff Hagan--for the second pick that became the great Bill Russell. But in George Vecsey's column today I learned for the first time what Auerbach did to convince Rochester not to take him with the first pick. He arranged for the highly profitable Ice Capades to perform in Rochester. Rochester took Sihugo Green with the first pick. There's a lesson in there about short-term vs. long-term business goals.

  • Eric Snow is a little testy at being seen as the weak link in Cleveland.

  • Get to know Eddie Jordan. I don't think he's too nice. I saw him scare the crap out of some rookies a few years ago. He strikes me as impressively intense.

  • Straight Bangin' stopped hibernating: "...it was a tidal wave of positive sentiment that even allowed Darko to rise out of the Mariana Trench where he'd be discarded and then kept down by his myriad critics for nearly three years. An exciting playoff cycle concluded with a bevy of budding ballers, an emerging good-natured rivalry for Lig-wide preeminence, and a figurative image of David Stern, his owners, and their players holding hands and humming "Roundball Magic" as all of the off-season changes were venerated. The NBA was back! And this year, it's even backer..."

  • The Knicks are negotiating a buyout with Jalen Rose.